New potential students may apply to be considered to attend live Satsangs with Lord Grace at GOD'S House in Wittenwil, Switzerland. To do, so please email a brief introduction to yourself in English with your name, age, current spiritual practices, recent spiritual experiences, and what moved you to inquire about GOD'S House or to attend Satsang, or receive a Spiritual Consultation, Spiritual Astrology, Shields Training, Clearing Consultation, or attend The Course for Courage, or an Enlightenment Intensive to

Additional details about your previous spiritual experiences and their approximate dates would be very helpful for consideration. GOD'S House and The Ashram of Enlightenment are small Ashrams dedicated to offering small group and individual spiritual consultation for those who can actually Enlighten in this life, and Lord Grace is naturally selective about who She is moved to support spiritually.

This is not a place to first learn meditation, or a social place to meet friends, or for people at earlier stages of spiritual window shopping. There are many other places for earlier stage students.

This is an Ashram where students can actually Enlighten and integrate their experience in GOD Realization. OM

An opportunity for real individual spiritual supervision for Enlightenment is rare. Treat it for the Blessing that it is. OM

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