The Course for Courage

Courage is the Thread That Runs Through Our Lives To Make Our Dreams Possible

Five Events To Change Your Life! Spend time with a Master of Courage.

* Change Your Life in The Course for Courage.
* The Ultimate in Stress-Prevention.
* Master new skills.
* Develop the Courage to fully Live your Dreams.
* Discover new Creative options.
* Replace spontaneous Courage for adrenaline rush responses or fear while under stress as well as in ordinary times.
* Learn spiritual techniques.
* See inspirational movies.
* Grow by example.
* Meet a new support team.
* Play new board games and old ones with a new flavor.
* Be playful.
* Design your own inspirational collage for Courage.

Fully Express your Destiny Assignment

Many people who take The Destiny PlayShop discover that once they remember their Destiny they need to increase their Courage and ability to remain Centered in their Spiritual Heart and follow the Guidance Within in order to Fully Express their Destiny Assignment.

Scientists tell us it only takes 4-6 weeks to establish a new neural pathway.

The Course for Courage is one such way to establish the new neural pathway for Courage, and to replace former pathways for fear, delay, avoidance, and denial, etc., with Courage, so that becomes your new norm, your new healthy automatic, to Center before you speak or act, and to follow the Wisdom Within.

The Courage of a single person can change history, BUT only if they answer the Call when it comes.

Come Play soon!

Register Now for the Courage for the Rest of Your Incredible Life! Advance non-refundable fee of CHF 350 includes Return to Consciousness!, the book by the designer of the course, Guruji Grace Love, PhD, Lord Grace, and ALL five PlayDays.

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