About GOD'S House

In 2006, Lord Grace first taught in Winterthur, Switzerland, following giving Satsangs and a retreat at Rainbow Spirit Festival in Baden-Baden, Germany. She has been teaching Swiss students ever since through Skype, emails, and through their actual attendance at retreats in the United States Ashram.

In 2010, due to an increasing number of serious students of Enlightenment in Europe, and in particular Switzerland, two Swiss students who felt moved to live in a Swiss Ashram residence found and purchased a five-bedroom house for GOD'S House with an adjacent long room that could be converted into the current Satsang Hall.

Now there are three Ashram students living in this Swiss Monastery, two that live nearby, and others who come regularly for Satsang. There are also two additional rooms, each with a single bed, for short-term stays or longer-term residence.

Ashram Scripture books, Satsang DVDs, and music CDs are available at GOD'S House gift shop, which avoid costly additional international shipping fees and delay in receiving support for your spiritual development.