Lord Grace, PhD

Lord Grace founded a new lineage, the Direct Enlightenment Tradition, and also carries the lineages of Sri Swami Master Ram, Yogeshwar Muni, Lilashsh Bapu, and Lord and Master Jesus Christ. She teaches from the Center of Compassionate Aware Consciousness and has inspired many to have their own direct experience of Enlightenment over the 30 years She has been teaching.

Sri Swami Master Ram initiated Her as a Swami. Dr. Jack Bruns ordained Her as a Christian minister, saying She was obviously Called to preach.

Lord Grace has an earned PhD in Clinical Hypnosis, is Medical Board Certified in Clinical Hypotherapy, and was in private practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy for 25 years. She now sees hypnotherapy as the zoom-lens aspect of Self-enquiry contemplation.

Lord Grace lives in residence at The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration. She directs residential and short-term stay monastery space at GOD'S House, a teaching center and monastery residence in Wittenwil, Switzerland, near Winterthur, and teaches in the nearby Satsang Hall. Long-distance students attend Satsangs by phone and Skype and receive supervision by email, phone, Scripture books, Satsang DVDs, Skype and by Internet download.

Lord Grace sees some students for private Spiritual Consultations when appropriate. Appointments must be scheduled ahead of time.

Call before coming, for Lord Grace to speak to you live and to make sure that you are best served by this Ashram, and to establish a connection with Her before arriving.