Additonal Information on how to best use Paypal

There are 3 Paypal account types: buyer, private, seller.

Sending money as “personal payment” (german: “privat”)” from one private account in any country to another private account in any country is generally free for both (sender and receiver). If you or the receiver have a seller account type, or if you choose a different transfer mode, there will be fees.

Exception 1: if the sender has no money on his/her Paypal account and Paypal has to charge his/her creditcard, the sender pays 3,4% plus 0.55 CHF.

Exception 2: If you send money internationally, Paypal charges you a fee of 1% for the international transfer and currency convertion.

This means that for international transactions with amounts around and greater than CHF 2000, it could be less expensive to send directly from bank account to bank account.

(Example: The Swiss Post charges CHF 2 (2-4 days) or CHF 12 (0-1 days) for sending money to a bank account in another country. If you cover the receiving fees (an option called “ourcost”), you pay an additional CHF 20.)

To transfer money to your Paypal account, you can send money to it directly from your regular bank account. Perhaps your bank charges a fee for sending internationally (see above). 

The receiver has to withdraw the money from Paypal to his/her bank account, which can cause receiving fees billed by the bank for him/her.

Even less expensive is Transferwise.

Additional Info:

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