Please also read the Information about the Application required beforehand

Send a deposit or the full fee to register to GOD’S House and The Ashram of Enlightenment. All fees are non-refundable.

With these buttons below you can pay through Paypal and therefor also securely through your credit card, bank account or advance onto the Paypal account. Register at Paypal if you are not yet registered. In the link list, you will find some additional information about how to best use Paypal that will support you.

For registering for Satsangs, an Enlightenment Intensive, taking Shields Training or for a Clearing Consultation, please fill out the Enlightenment Training Questionnaire, the Enlightenment Training Agreements and the Enlightenment Training Contract and Release, and send them to GOD’S House.

“If you are moved and suitable to come here, we look forward to meeting you.
May you Enlighten and integrate THAT fully!!!”