Living Vedanta Satsangs

The Grace of GOD is totally spontaneous.

Most Living Vedanta Satsangs with Lord Grace include:

* silent meditation naturally focused in your Spiritual Heart, Throat, or Crown Chakra and experiencing your Self as Aware Consciousness Within;

* Shaktipat Energy transmissions when spontaneously called forth by the openness of those present;

* opportunities to share current and previous spiritual experiences, and to ask how to apply meditation, spiritual practice, Consciousness, and Compassion in life;

* inspired Teachings about the Absolute, readings and spontaneous teachings from Vedanta, Zen, Sufi, and Christian poetry and Scriptures, and from Her own books about living in Enlightened Consciousness and about what conditions are needed to cross over into Sahaj Samadhi (Natural Samadhi) and to maintain there;

* at times, Buddha laughter, moving music and dance occur.

There is no charge for the Energy. Donations are appreciated for Her time, which cover Her travel expenses and to maintain Her body vehicle and the Ashram spaces.
The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration USA and Europe and GOD'S House are maintained by donations and fees.

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