Shields Training

Dr. Loving GOD Swami is a Medical Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (and a licensed veterinarian), a Swami, and has been living in the Ashram USA residence for more than 15 years. For more than nine years she has served as an Ashram staff member offering Shields Training and Clearing Consultations supervised by Lord Grace for spiritual students and retreat participants. She works with European Ashram students by appointment over Skype.

In Europe, at times Mirabai Swami is offering Shields Training and Clearing Consultations by appointment in person at GOD'S House, on the phone, and by Skype. She has been in staff training with Lord Grace for two years and is supervised by Her. She has been applying these spiritual practices for two years, been in retreat residence in the USA Ashram for 6 months over the last ten years, is a Swami, and has been living in residence in GOD'S House since February, 2011.

The Shields Training trains you how to create energy shields to protect your energy field, and to release inappropriate chakra entanglements and psychic plugs from every life with relatives, friends, associates and former relationships that are challenging or incomplete. It includes releasing former initiations in this and other lives that would interfere with your Enlightening now, as well as any connections to dark force energy from this and former lives, in order to be free to totally Enlighten and integrate spiritual experiences now.

The whole Shields Training takes place over 3-4 sessions of one to three hours each. The fee also includes a book with all the processes.

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