Welcome to GOD's House

GOD'S House is the teaching center of The Ashram of Enlightenment and Integration here in Switzerland. This Swiss Monastery offers the rare Blessing for sincere advanced spiritual students to sit with our live Advaita Monism Vedanta Guru and Sage, Lord Grace, in residence for four to six weeks every Spring.

Significant spiritual experiences and the resulting Transformation with personality erasure and frequent significant changes in lifestyle often come unexpectedly and in nearly every life stage and situation.

Direct experiences of GOD as Peace, Unconditional Love, Joy, Happiness, Wisdom and Compassion change your life. These are not what ordinary material life prepared us for. It requires adjustment to integrate this as Who You Are and still function on the physical plane.

This is beyond religion and dogma, to the very root of those world religion founders in their direct experience of GOD. Longing to know GOD more deeply leaves, and this new higher level of vibration integrates this direct knowledge into all of your life. There is no urge to proselytize or convert. The focus is Within on GOD.

Many require periods of deep internal silence and little contact with the outside world during that time. Most are unable to work full-time jobs. There are spiritual students with small children and limited financial support, people whose relationships do not survive the spiritual transition, and at times all kinds of social obstacles to follow the Call and allow the space for integration, understanding and transformation.

Often spiritual experience comes to even intellectually unprepared individuals who have no knowledge about what to do and how to handle new experience as....

* training is needed in order to integrate and stabilize so as to be able to function at this new level, and then the next, and then the next. There is always more GOD.

* unconditional space is needed in order to learn to listen totally to the Inner Wisdom that is revealing.

Not finding qualified inspired training, and learning to follow, listen, and taking space and sometimes time out and Within is a tragic loss of a long awaited opportunity for the soul and loss for our society as a whole at a time when humanity desperately needs to rise in Consciousness and Compassion.

Buddha, Saint Francis, Mirabai, Hidegard von Bingen, Niklaus von der Flüe, Rumi, Kabir, Lilshah Bapu, Ramana Maharshi, Ananda Moi Ma, Zen Master Sheng-Yen, and Sages of all eras made enormous beneficial contributions to many after completing their own inner path and receiving help from others who had come before.

We are very grateful that Lord Grace is scheduled to return to GOD'S House every Spring and to be able to offer to you the opportunity to attend live Satsangs here in Switzerland.